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Halachos of Answering Amen

Merits and Importance of Answering Amen Needs Reinforcing Merits Obligation to Answer Amen Source D’oraisa or D’rabanan? Connotation of “Amen” Meaning of “Amen” Other Tefillos and Requests Halachos of Answering Amen Amen Chatufah [Rushed Amen] Amen Ketufah [Broken Amen] Amen Yesomah [“Orphaned” Amen] Amen Ketzarah [Short Amen] Did Not Hear …

Chanukah – 2

Miscalculated the Day Lit More Candles Than He Should Have Lit Fewer Candles Than He Should Have Mistake in Kriyas HaTorah Lighting the Menorah on Erev Shabbos Chanukah Candles, Then Shabbos Candles Davening Minchah Before Lighting Candles Must Burn Until Half an Hour after Tzeis Menorah Went Out before Kabbalas …

Birth of a Child

Brachah on the Birth of a Child Birth of a Son Birth of a Daughter Birth of Twins Birth of Grandchildren Brachah of HaGomel After Birth Guarding a Yoledes Shemirah Inside and Outside Leaving the House the First Time for a Devar Kedushah Minhag of Shalom Zachar Reasons for Making …

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